Model - Remi Bennett

Ageny - Renew Artists LLC

An Evening at Remi’s:

The bougainvilleas were in full bloom this time of year. Their unique shape reminded her of tiny origami flowers her grandmother would make. The lovely purple adornments shimmered as the sun set over the Indian Ocean. The air was warm but sprinkled its guests in mists of salt water from nearby waves. Jukung, the tradional Balinese outrigger canoes, began dotting the horizon - preparing for that night’s catch... The water turned to fire, filling the void between ocean and sky with twinkling pink. The sea was still warm from a day under the sun. Children are playing in the tidepools - their laughter dancing in an evening breeze. The distinct smell of fish barbecue and Bintang began floating down the beach. This is home - this is an Evening at Remi’s.